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SPAAAAAAAAAACE!: Giant!Wheatley chain catalyst


Well… never started a chain before.. and so far I think I am failing… uhhh.. ;____; LOOK AT THIS LENGTHY MONSTER!! AAAHHH!!

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I figured I’d just use…

askcorruptedfact: Corruption in Two Colors





Wheatley’s hands were tightened into fists and his eyes were strong and sharp. His teeth showed in a feirce manor. “I’m not stupid enough to back off, for all I bloody know you could easily attack as I back down.” He growled. He then brought up one of his hands and loosened the fist, raisin his thumb and middle finger he snapped. Clear panels slid down from the cieling and surrounded the other as Wheatley backed away a few inches. The panels were clear and tall, so he could see Fact but so he wouldn’t climb out. The blue themed android decided not to put a clear lid panel over the others so he could actually here Fact. With an insane smirk, he crossed his arms and chuckled. “Just being safe, mate. No offense.”

The pleased look vanished from Craig’s eyes immediately as soon as the panels engulfed him, and the pink-tinted android could quite literally hear his processors whirring faster as he got a grasp on the situation. He was being trapped up inbetween panels, little space, little freedom, much like that one box for corrupted spheres, a right trashbin for unneeded cores. And here Wheatley was, trapping him in another box, like he was going to be a danger simply by being there. 

Craig lifted his arms, feeling the panels, trying to push them away, but to no avail. Trapped. Oh, this Wheatley was different, he really was. How utterly fascinating. He would have to make many updates to his database soon, about this haywire Intelligence Dampening Core allowed control over the facility - at this point, Craig’s focus had reverted to staring at the blue-themed android again, registering as much as possible about him. He couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, though, despite everything. 

“The Fact Sphere takes no offense to being considered a threat. However, the Fact Sphere has neither reason nor intention to harm a working mainframe. Let me go.“ 

Wheatley rose an eyebrow looking at the pink haired android with a cocky grin. The fact sphere did have a point about not wanting to confront the working mainframe in such a violent way. He brought his hand to his chin and rubbed it a bit as his bright blue eyes glanced away from the pink tinted android.

“Hmmm.. you do have a point, mate.” Wheatley then paused to let out a long sigh as he began to calm down the slightest bit. “Fine.. but if you make one bloody move.. into the incinerator you go.” He threatened with a grin.

“Do you understand, mate?”

It seemed as though Wheatley was coming to his senses, despite the lingering incinerator threat hanging in the air even afterwards. Craig stared back at him, allowing his own processors a couple of moments to cool down, before replying with a faint smirk of his own. 


Incinerator or no incinerator, he had no particular intention to harm the mainframe, even if someone like Wheatley was in charge. Whether he liked it or not, his own superiority complex was mildened a little by the existance of a mainframe who wasn’t himself, someone with more control, size, and powers. He detested it, naturally, but there was also a certain amount of respect that came with his programming. His pink eyes lit up again a little as his attention returned to the panels surrounding him. 

“You should release the Fact Sphere now.”


And with that, Wheatley snapped his fingers once again. He watched the panels lift back into the ceiling, then taking attention to the pink themed droid once again. His eyes were kind and soft again as his grin ligtened up into a warm smile as well. He might’ve seem calm, but the itch to test kept banging on the inside of his skull. It was unbearable..but he tried to ignore it.

"Now..Why did you come up here, mate? What was your purpose?"

He asked, leaning back on seat connected to the ceiling. He rested his hands in front of him, placing the tips of his fingers on his right hand, to the ones on the left.


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